The Palestinian state

The United Nations is the world’s largest AND highest international people’s organisation. It stands up for the legitimate rights of people. Resolutions that were accepted must be executed. Resolutions that were NOT executed must be followed by international sanctions.


It says in the Jewish Torah (Pentateuch/Old Testament/Bible): 

  • Genesis 11:31: “And they (Abraham es.) together set out from Ur of the Chaldeans (Mesopotamia/current Iraq) to the land of Canaan” (later called Palestine).
  • Genesis 12: 6 : “And the Canaanites were then in the land”. 
  • Genesis 15: 3 : “Your offspring (Abraham’s ) will be strangers in a country that is not theirs”.
  • Genesis 15:18: “Melchizedeck was then priest-king of Salem” (later Jerusalem).
  • Genesis 20: 1 : “Abraham resided as a foreigner in Gerar”. (near Gaza)
  • Genesis 21:34: “Abraham lived as a foreigner in the land of the Philistines” (Hebron). Etc.


Yet 4,000 years ago, the Lord did promise the entire land of Canaan (later called Palestine) in eternal possession to Abraham and his offspring as the ‘chosen people’.

And all Jews and Israeli still strongly believe in this.

The original inhabitants of Canaan - Phoenicians, Canaanites, Philistines (now the Palestinians) and Bedouins - ignored this, and they still think that it is THEIR homeland.


I am a very religious person and I believe strongly in ONE God, but he has never spoken to me personally and he definitely never said to me:

“Go to your neighbouring country, settle you there, and I will give you and your children that entire land in eternal possession!”

However, that is how the fight over the land of Canaan (later called Palestine) started 4,000 years ago. Since Israelites, Jews and Israelis have again and again violently conquered, occupied and seized the Palestinian land because THEIR FAITH told them to.

Each time again however they were driven away. By Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, and Greek, whereas the original inhabitants – mainly Philistines – remained in their land. 


Finally – 70 A.C. – most of the Israelites and Jews were driven away from Canaan by the Romans, and the land was called Palestine, after the original inhabitants, the Philistines. 

The Jews then spread all over the world. (Diaspora). 

But, in almost all countries where they lived, they were pursued, because of THEIR religion, Jesus of Nazareth, who had numerous followers, was crucified as Jesus Christ in Jerusalem – 33 A.C. –. (anti-Semitism).

The pursuit of Jews that started to emerge all over the world, eventually culminated in the dramatic destruction of Jews in World War II, when 6 million Jews lost their lives because of the German Nazi regime (Holocaust).

During the entire Second World War 60 million people were killed in total (Weinberg), among which 27 million Russians alone.


The International Community showed great sympathy, and in 1948 the Jews, who had meanwhile moved to Palestine massively (Zionism), were given – approved by the United Nations and within clear borders – their own State of Israel IN the Palestine land.


All Jews from all over the world were allowed to take up residence there, if they wished. Millions of Palestinians had to pay for that, as they were living there and had to flee elsewhere (Naqba).

The Arab countries - of which the Palestinian population is part - did not accept this and they declared war to Israel in 1948. Israel won that ‘war of independence’ and Jerusalem was divided into an Israeli (West) and a Jordan/Palestinian part (East). 


Because of that war, 2 million Palestinians ended up in refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

Almost 4 million Palestinians stayed or left for the West Bank of the Jordan river and the Gaza strip.

1 million Palestinians stayed in the state of Israel.



In 1967 the Arab countries started a new war against Israel, that, with the support and modern equipment of the Western countries, particularly the United States, was won by Israel within six days.

With superior strength Israel also occupied the West Bank of the Jordan river, East Jerusalem – with two of the most important Islamic sanctuaries – and the Gaza strip.


In 1969 and 1973 the Arab countries again waged wars with Israel, which were again won by Israel.


In 1980 Israel declared – unilateral and not approved by the United Nations – Jerusalem (with the Islamic sanctuaries) the “Eternal and Indivisible Capital of the State of Israel”, whereas East Jerusalem was clearly Jordanian/Palestinian land according to the borders of 1948.

Through the years, many other Palestinian parts in the West Bank and Gaza strip were occupied by the Israelis. The Palestinians who lived there were forced to leave or were pestered out.

Ultimately, Israel wants to annex all of Palestine, like their faith tells them to.

Although Israel claims to be a democratic country, there is no separation of religion and state!

On the contrary, religion and state in Israel have only one mutual goal.

The complete possession of all the Palestine land!

Because their Zionist Ideology says so, but is that still realistic?

A new Palestinian, Arab – and meanwhile Islamic – resistance against Israel started in the Intifada.

The Palestinian Islamic – armed – people’s revolution against the continuous Israeli occupation and annexation of Palestinian land.

As Palestinians are Muslims, they received more support from other Muslims from all over the world, and even openly from Islamic nations and governments.

The Intifada (1 and 2) has meanwhile lasted for almost 20 years and thousands of people – mostly innocent civilians – have lost their lives as a result of it.

It is a matter of CIVILISATION, Israel (after all international support that they were given in the past and after their own traumatic experiences) AND the International Community should just also give the Palestinians their own State within the borders of 1948/1967, and East Jerusalem as their capital.


Or will Israel continue to ignore all ethics, civilisation AND international criticism, and will they no matter what – maybe even a Third World War – continue to try and realise their 4,000 year old religious dream, with which they have violently occupied Palestinian land time after time?

How many more thousands or even tens of thousands of victims will there be worldwide – including many soldiers of international forces- as a result of the further growing RADICALIZATION of the Islam, which is fed by the gross injustice that 12 million Palestinians still have to suffer?

The first thing that needs to be done is IMMEDIATELY to proclaim the State of Palestine by the UN, within the borders of 1948/1967 and East Jerusalem as its capital.

After almost 73 years of war, occupation, expulsion, and refugee camps the Palestinians have a right to!

Like the Jews did in 1948.


The 5,6 million Palestinian refugees and their children,  would then be able to return to their native soil and/or could be compensated somewhere else in the new State of Palestine with land and money and help of the International Community.

The 700,000 Jewish colonists could then stay safely and peacefully also on the West Bank.

And that detestable and shameful wall would be unnecessary and could be demolished.

All those years were not about whether ALL Arab and/or Islamic countries recognise the State of Israel, which is what Israel continues to demand.


It was particularly about whether the International Community and Israel recognise the legitimate rights of the Palestinian population by way of a Palestinian State and East-Jerusalem as its capital.


The old city of Jerusalem -with the most important sanctuaries of ALL religions- and only 1 kilometre in surface, can then be proclaimed INDEPENDENT under International Religious Authorities, like the Vatican in Rome, Italy.

That would bring all countries in the Middle-East – and in fact the whole world – one enormous step forward.

Or will we allow the Israelis continue to fight, untill they possess the entire “Promised Land” and that there is nothing left in the Middle-East but ruins?


It is high time that the United Nations start to recognise the State of Palestine at once.


Let us say HELLO to Palestine!


UN Resolutions 242, 338, 1397, etc.